Web design & Internet programming according to the latest standards

Individual programming, content management systems and e-commerce online shops

An Internet presence is an investment like any other. It must therefore be planned and implemented with the same perspective and, above all, pay off.

When programming your website, we do not only attach importance to search engine optimization and usability. Equally important to us is the implementation of a structure that aims to convert visitors into paying customers.

To achieve this, we use the "thought sequence" concept: the interpretation of the visitor's thought sequences to evoke a desired action by optimizing a logical sequence of thoughts.
On the other hand, we pay attention to the clear communication of your unique selling points (value proposition).

Advantages of a Mallorca Digital website

  • Your site will be optimized for search engines right from the start (structure, levels, topic orientation).
  • A blog or news system is - if useful and desired - included.
  • The layout/design of your website is based on your existing corporate identity.
  • With our content management systems (TYPO3, WordPress, etc.), websites can be easily administered and expanded by yourself or your team without any knowledge of Internet technologies.
  • Our approach is economical and comprehensible for you
  • All our websites are also suitable for mobile devices (Responsive Layout).
  • We also offer search engine optimized and scalable online shops with connection to Internet payment systems (Paypal, credit card, direct debit, bank transfer).
  • Our websites are easily expandable by more than 120 languages.
  • Use of structured data (schema.org)

Responsive web design

Bad web design based on wrong criteria can significantly hinder the success of a site, but good web design can increase its success or even be the basis of it. Web design must support the message and purpose of the site by:

  • is optimized for mobile devices (Responsive Design).
  • Present and visually organize the content appropriately.
  • Assists the visitor in navigation.
  • emphasizes important things and at the same time does not make little important things undetectable.
  • Clearly represents the image/CI of the company/operator.
  • To influence the visitor in an intentional, targeted manner through form and colouring.

Good web design uses the latest multimedia technologies (e.g. HTML 5.0, CSS 3) always adheres to web standards and offers alternatives so that the site remains usable for everyone. It integrates search engine optimization (onpage optimization) right from the start and is also suitable for mobile devices (responsive layout).