Professional Content Management Systems - TYPO3, Drupal, WordPress... and special solutions!

The content management systems used by Mallorca Digital are of the highest level, but are very easy to use

Large websites and websites with up-to-date information are only economical if their content comes from a database and the pages are generated dynamically. Websites can therefore only be administered by yourself or your employees without much effort, even without knowledge of Internet technologies, because the actual content can be entered as easily as in a word processing program. 

So that you or your employees can maintain your page contents themselves or create new ones without HTML knowledge, we mainly work with the leading European enterprise-level content management system TYPO3, which can be administered with any common web browser and meets all requirements thanks to its flexibility. For example, all global languages are supported and the training period is extremely short due to the intuitive user interface and the amount of online editor's manuals, printed books and videos in (almost) every language.

Cost-effective solutions for real estate sites, finca, yacht, hotel rental or communities can easily be integrated... Who wants to have the wheel invented twice for a lot of money?!

Please inform yourself in detail - many of our customers unfortunately already had (webmaster) experiences of the completely different kind!