Software and marketing solutions for real estate agents

Proven professional software in combination with effective search engine optimization

The most contested keyword on Mallorca is "real estate". It is therefore extremely difficult to assert oneself against competitors without know-how. But we have proved to many of our clients that this is quite possible and finally with our own project for real estate agents - the real estate portal Mallorca.

An excellent position in the search engines is indispensable

Who looks for real estates today, does this in the so important German-language market to more than 95% over Internet. If the prospective customer does not already live on Mallorca but (still) in Germany, Austria or Switzerland, he has no other possibility.

A very good Google position is therefore crucial for the success of your company!

And as you know: Advertising costs on the Internet are much lower than in the print media (measured by the average cost per successful first contact, excluding search engine marketing).

Also since many real estate agents offer the same objects a positioning in search engines BEFORE the competition is crucial.
Only an effective optimization of the page itself together with the generation of content and links can ensure you a permanent top position.

We at Mallorca Digital are specialists in this sector because of our many years of experience. We not only program your site with a page structure tailored to this market and weighting of topics (object types, specialization in regions, rent, buy, etc.) but are also able to position your company permanently with the most important and most common search terms on the first search results page at Google.

Do not hesitate to contact us without obligation. We would be happy to advise you!