Effective combination of search engine optimization and search engine marketing

More visitors via search engines from day one

This offer is ideal for you if you already have a website and now want to have more visitors via the search engines. Through search engine marketing we make sure that you are easy to find on Google:

  • SEM (Search Engine Marketing): This allows us to place your page directly on the first Google results page as part of an advertising campaign (AdWords).
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimisation): By means of "inbound marketing" we achieve a lasting positioning on the first Google results page without the running costs of an advertising campaign.

The advantages of search engine marketing

With SEM you get potential customers to your website immediately after keyword analysis and Google AdWords campaign placement. Parallel to this we start with SEO/Inbound Marketing so that in the medium term you are listed at a high position in the regular search results list and receive "natural" traffic. This combination of SEO and SEM is very powerful and effective. It delivers results from day one.

Our way of working

We achieve a high search engine position on Google thanks to a series of strategies and techniques from the field of online marketing such as:

  • the optimization of your website
  • the creation of high-quality and interesting content
  • the cooperation with other websites, which thematically fit to yours
  • the registration of your website in influential wikis, forums or directories

If you are looking for a solution recommended by Google with permanent, high positioning, we are definitely the right partner.